Professional Invasive Plant Control Solutions for Mid-Coast Maine

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to control or eliminate invasive plants for residential and commercial properties in Maine.

brown wooden house on lake
brown wooden house on lake

Our Specialty

Invasive Plant Control

Our services are designed to effectively and safely reduce and eliminate all types of invasive plants from your property, including bittersweet, knotweed, black swallow wort, and many more.

To learn more about invasive plants, see our Invasive Plant Primer.

A bittersweet vine in Damariscotta more than 2 feet in circumference!

Not to mention

Invasive Forest Pest Control

Maine forests are under attack from adelgids, borers and dozens of other invasive pests. Our forest pest control services are tailored to individual sites to help our forests withstand these attacks.

Most Importantly

A Safer Approach to Chemicals

All pesticides, if used incorrectly, can harm the natural environment and contaminate groundwater. At Invasive Pest Control we take pride in only using pesticides when needed, and only in the smallest quantities.

We don't spray invasive plants with herbicide. When manual or mechanical removal is not sufficient, invasives are cut at ground level and a drop or two of systemic herbicide is applied by hand. This ensures control of the invasive without hurting nearby flora or fauna.

Beehive installation 2014, Damariscotta Mills
Beehive installation 2014, Damariscotta Mills

We love pollinators! This photo is from our first beehive installation in 2014. The bees didn't seem to mind when the invasive honeysuckle in the background was removed.

About us

Invasive Pest Control is a professional pest control company based in Lincoln County, Maine. We specialize in the control and eradication of invasive plants and pests that threaten the natural beauty of Maine's fields and forests. Our pest control solutions are comprehensive, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly for both residential and commercial properties.

When a particular situation does call for the use of pesticide, rest easy knowing Invasive Pest Control is fully licensed by the Maine Board of Pesticide Control, and all staff are fully insured.

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